Arris C4

Arris C4, Motorola BSR 64000HD, Arris C3, CMTS Cable Docsis

Arris C4

The Arris Cadant C4.

  • Meet bandwidth demands and exceed customer’s expectations.
  • Extend headend life and CMTS capacity, reliability, and customer satisfaction.
  • Best-in-class product, looks like a Ferrari
  • 99.999% availability top product in the industry
  • Welcome to DOCSIS 3.0

Northwest Remarketing buys and sells used Arris C4 and C3 CMTS.  We currently have in stock 8 different configurations ranging from the base C4, SCMII, 2U12D 2.0DOCSIS systems to the newer C4 with the SCMII, RCM (10G), 2U12D, 16D Docis 3.0!

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